Brand's French Collagen Campaign




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Introducing the new French Collagen Drink from Asia’s leading Birds’ Nest Drink Producer.

The market leader in Asia’s RTD birds’ nest drink, Brand’s introduced a new French Collagen formula RTD in 2020. With this new drink, Brand’s offers benefits of health, and also beauty and youthfulness, thus their goal was to expand their market share, penetrate the beauty market, and drive the brand’s image as a market leader.  

nexlabs kicked off the product introduction with the “She Deserves It” UGC campaign, where audience members were encouraged to write about a special lady in their lives who deserved to win the new Brand’s FC RTD gift by sharing photos and the reason why “she deserves it”.  

Next up, nexlabs engaged Sai Sai, one of Myanmar’s most famous celebrities, as well as other “ageless” KOLs, positioning Brand’s as the new leader in RTD beauty.  

The campaign has so far garnered 4.6M in performance marketing, 800K in engagement with a consistent 3% monthly fan growth rate.