Growing E-commerce Sales through Re-targeting

City Mall

Shopper Acquisition


Return on Ad Spend


City Mart Holdings is the biggest retailer in Myanmar and they wanted to launch their first-ever online grocery store – City Mall Online. However, the sales numbers were not picking up and the return on ads spend (ROAS) was extremely low.

The Problem 

To reduce the skyrocketing cost per conversion and increase the online purchase and loyal users. 

The Goal 

To find more potential new customers, encourage those customers to purchase, increase overall online sales. To make its ads more cost-efficient and generate more return on ads spend (ROAS). 

The Solution 


The team fixed and installed pixel, conversion API, data-layer, e-Commerce Goals on Google Analytics and developed a full-funnel marketing strategy with a multi-channel approach. 


The team retargeted ads to people who visited its website but did not complete a purchase. To find more people like those shoppers and expand its reach even further, the team also created a lookalike audience based on website visitors with personalized messages and promotions.