Driving low cost, app install and app engagement for an OTT solution

Cookie TV

Decrease in CPI


Increase in conversion


Cookie TV is an app-based video streaming service that makes it convenient for people in Myanmar to access their favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. With affordable subscription plans and thousands of local and international movies and channels to choose from, Cookie TV makes sure viewers are always up-to-date with the latest content.  ​


The Problem 

Cookie TV was experiencing high cost of app install and consulted nexlabs to significantly decrease their cost to be able to maximize app installs. In addition, Cookie TV wanted to achieve better app engagement rates by driving in-app purchase conversions.

The Solution

To find out the root cause of Cookie TV’s high app install costs, nexlabs provided strategic insights and made suggestions for improving campaign workflow. The campaign used broad targeting to reach a wider audience, running ads with automatic placements combined with facebook's campaign budget optimization, setting up several ads and creatives to see which creative variations performed better. ​


App Install

The team used broad targeting, automatic placements, and campaign budget optimization combined with mobile-first several creatives to attract and generate new customers.



To turn down the high cost per install on Google, the team used the affiliate audience, adjusted and monitored the daily budget, and set a target cost per install to maximize the app downloads while being cost-effective. Also, the team played around with the creative and description across the channel networks to avoid creative fatigue



To increase in-app activities and conversions, the team retargeted the custom audience who had already downloaded the app and first time users with personalized messages. To minimize the drop-off rates between the ads and the specific landing pages, the team embedded deep link URLs to ensure users were taken to the relevant in-app landing page.