Digitally Transforming one of the Largest Insurance Companies in Myanmar

First National Insurance

One of the biggest insurance companies in Myanmar for life and non-life insurance, First National Insurance (FNI) approached nexlabs to help them create a corporate web portal to help digitally transform FNI.

Since FNI is a large corporation with multiple headquarters across Myanmar, nexlabs' goal was to create a web-portal that incorporates FNI's tasks to be carried out online. The portal is comprised of functions for its employees, such as calculating premium rates (a detailed one of a kind feature, which calculates the rate in both USD as well as MMK, with options to include tax deductions with the premium rate calculation). The exchange rate is automatically updated as well, and linked with Baho Bank currency rates.

Other key features of the web portal also include creating appointments for presentation with prospects, creating proposals, managing KPIs, and due to the ever-changing market and technology, nexlabs also added a knowledge sharing section, where FNI can upload learning materials for its employees.  

The portal was created in mind to reduce paper usage and at the same time minimize employees' foot traffic between the offices and headquarters during this COVID-19 pandemic.