An end to end online booking experience for Myanmar's leading cinema chain

Mingalar Cinema


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Mingalar Cinema worked together with nexlabs to re-imagine its entire business operations for the next 10 years. Mingalar Cinema app is developed from the ground up, to digitize the way cinema business operates and solve the frustrations of moviegoers. From long queues for tickets in the last 10 years to subscription mobile movies in the 21st century, Nexlabs has seen its share of technological disruptions. This opportunity ignites nexlabs to provide a complete movie-booking experience for the movie-goers – from scrolling through the movie, choosing seats, managing reservations, purchasing tickets with multiple payment options, and to verifying the tickets via mobile phone. The app is linked with a POS system where management has access to a comprehensive view of the real-time dashboard and automated reporting. From the journey of user research, hypothesis validation, iteration to delivering a world-class online booking experience backed by a real-time seat inventory system, data gathering system, and an automated reporting system.