Highly efficient and cost effective lead generation campaign for an insurance provider

Prudential Myanmar

Increase in leads


Decrease in cost / lead


Prudential Myanmar is a major player in Myanmar's highly competitive insurance business. It provides a wide range of insurance options for both individuals and businesses across the country.

The ask 

To generate leads through digital channels with the help of A/B testing and maintain the cost per result. 

The goal 

To grow its user base by increasing signups (leads) while maintaining an efficient and scalable budget.

The solution 


Readjusted the copy and visual direction. Edited to show the messaging in the most impactful way by highlighting the benefits of Prudential’s health insurance packages


Expanded targeting strategy and targeted to the audience who interested in life insurance and willing to submit the form. 


To understand the effectiveness of the creative within the ads campaign, the team ran a split test on the creative and copy while turning on the campaign budget optimization to set the budget at the campaign level.