Tiger beer: Year Of the Tiger 2022 Campaign

Tiger beer: Year Of the Tiger 2022 Campaign

To reawaken the ambitions of Gen Z's and young millennials in Myanmar, we knew that we had to go beyond just relaying a message from the brand to the audience. We knew that to make this happen, we had to find a way to make their ambitions come to life in a tangible way.  

It is without question that everyone was affected by the impact of COVID-19 and the political instability in Myanmar, but one of the biggest communities that absorbed the shocks was the local artist community. Their outlets for creative expression had been severely limited as there were frequent mobile network outages and stricter rules in gatherings. These realities paved the way for our plan to help Tiger’s mission of reawakening ambitions to come to life.  

Stage 1: Finding and Reigniting Their Ambitions
We knew that we had to start the campaign by presenting a story of “never giving up on your ambitions” through Son-Heung-Min, Tiger Beer’s APAC brand ambassador. His story as a footballer who kept his fire going to achieve his ambitions resonated well with younger population of Myanmar who are football fans at heart. This story was picked up and amplified by local influencers, establishing Tiger’s initial message of “finding and reigniting your ambitions.”  

Stage 2: Pursuing Their Ambitions
After releasing the big brand message of “finding and reigniting your ambitions,” we took the campaign to the next level by making the brand message tangible. We transformed the majority of billboards nationwide into canvases for local Myanmar artists to exhibit their artwork. To achieve this, we created a website where artists could confidently upload their artwork for the world to view. Then, credible judges from Myanmar and the general public chose the best pieces of artwork to be featured on our billboards along with winning cash prizes.  

This was a pivotal moment where we showcased Myanmar's local talents, encouraging them to unlock their full potential and showcase their abilities for the entire country to witness. Our aim was to create better opportunities for these artists and inspire them to pursue their passions with renewed vigor.  

By providing this platform, Tiger Beer emerged as a beacon of hope in Myanmar during the Year of the Tiger.  

Stage 3: Fueling Their Ambitions
Our campaign did not stop at transforming billboards into canvases. We also crafted an anthem and music video that tied everything together and celebrated Myanmar Gen Z's and young millennials. Rather than relying on celebrities or mainstream faces, in the time where Myanmar people were craving for authenticity, we featured only real local artists from Myanmar, including singers, painters, makeup artists, stylists, fashion designers, graphic designers, and musicians. Through the help of our community team, the anthem was composed based on the real emotions and sentiments of the Gen Z's in Myanmar during this challenging time.  

To amplify the reach of the anthem, we utilized various digital channels to ensure it was accessible to all, including Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and Soundcloud. In addition to celebrities and KOLs performing their own renditions of our song and music video, independent bands added their unique touch by performing our song live during their gigs in local bars. Moreover, the general public also sang along with the brand's on-ground karaoke booth.  

The scale and gravity of the campaign was received better than we expected, launching Tiger Beer to be the number 1 brand in Myanmar at the most opportune time: The Year of the Tiger.